1. What is mobile banking and does ESSA offer it?

    Mobile banking is the ability to perform banking transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone, SMART phone or Tablet. ESSA is proud to offer our mobile banking solution iMobile@ESSA. iMobile offers SMS (Short Message System) messages, alerts, mobile browser based banking, and a downloadable App.

  2. What are some of the features of iMobile?

    1. SMS Text Banking- Send text commands to us from your SMS-enabled phone to inquire about basic account balance and transaction history information. Receive text message responses directly on your phone.
    2. Mobile Browser- Get full and extended mobile banking capabilities on your web-enabled phone. Receive an optimal banking experience with a look and feel that is similar to PC-based online banking, in a site designed to fit neatly on your phone's screen.
    3. Downloadable App- Get a downloadable mobile application for your Smart Phone or Tablet. The App includes a Mobile Deposit feature that is not available with our other mobile services. The App offers an easy user experience which includes Bill Pay, Popmoney® and locations features.
    4. Alert Banking- Include text message alerts with your mobile banking service(s) to monitor your mobile banking accounts. Choose how and when you want to be notified of changes to account balances and personal information.
  3. How can I get iMobile on my phone?

    You can access iMobile by enrolling through ESSA’s internet banking service, iBank@ESSA.

  4. Do I have to be enrolled in iBank before enrolling in iMobile?

    Yes, you will need to be enrolled in iBank to enroll in our mobile banking product, iMobile.

  5. Is there a fee for using iMobile?

    iMobile is a free product offered to all ESSA Bank & Trust customers. However, standard data & message charges from your carrier may apply.

  6. What mobile phones and operating systems are compatible with iMobile?

    iMobile SMS text messages are compatible with all phones that can send and receive text messages. However, the mobile browser and mobile app will only work on SMART phones. The mobile browser is supported by Android, iOS, and most Blackberry operating systems.

  7. What mobile phone carriers support iMobile?

    The carriers that support our mobile banking product include (but are not limited to) Verizon®, AT&T®, T-Mobile®, Sprint®, and MetroPCS.

  8. If I get a new phone and keep my same number, what should I do to continue using iMobile?

    In iBank, you will need to go into Profile, select “Manage Devices” and in the drop down select “stop using this device for Mobile Banking” and then you will need to re-register the phone with the services you intend to utilize. This will reset the device information that is held in the iMobile Profile.

  9. Will I be able to use my iPad or other mobile device tablets with iMobile?

    Yes, we have tablet App versions available at the App Store and Google Play for iPad and Android tablet usage.

  10. When using the ATM/Branch Locator, what is the radius (in miles) of returned branch locations from the ZIP code entered?

    The Branch and ATM locations will display the first 50 locations sorted by the distance from the search location. The locator will display the closest locations first and the furthest last.

  11. How often do alerts go out when using the mobile banking product?

    All alerts go out periodically three times throughout the day.

  12. For how long will my mobile browser or app stay active?

    Both the mobile browser and mobile app have a 5 minute inactivity timer. If the user is idle for more than the stated inactivity time, the user will time out and be disconnected from the mobile browser or app for security reasons.

  13. How safe and secure is iMobile?

    iMobile is encrypted with SSL and WS- security message encryption. iMobile’s security is very similar to the security on iBank.

  14. Can I add more than one mobile phone to the same mobile banking account?

    Yes, more than one phone can be added to the account simply by going into Profile, clicking “Manage Devices” under Mobile Banking Profile, then by clicking “Add New Device”.

  15. If I decide to change my mobile banking services, how can I accomplish this task?

    You can easily change your services by logging into your iBank account, selecting “Profile”, clicking “Manage Devices” under Mobile Banking Profile, then using the drop down switch to “I want to: Change My Mobile Banking Services”. After switching the drop down, click “Go” and you can select which services you would like to have.

  16. How do I remove mobile banking access from my phone?

    You can remove mobile banking access by logging into iBank, selecting Profile, “Manage Devices”, then using the drop down switch the option to “ I want to: Stop Using This Device For Mobile Banking”. After switching the drop down, click “Go”, this will disable mobile banking on the phone.

  17. How do I pay a bill from my mobile device?

    Choose the Payments option from the main menu and then select “Make a Payment”. You will then be guided through a simple process of choosing the payee, the account you wish to make the payment from, the amount, and the date of payment. The send date defaults to the earliest payment date available. You can select a later date if you wish.

  18. Can I add a payee through my mobile device?

    No, payees can only be added through your online bill pay account using a browser.

  19. Can I change or cancel a payment through my mobile device?

    Yes, as long as the payment is in a pending status and has not been processed.

  20. What other features does Popmoney® offer through iMobile?

    From the "Deposit" tab, you can view incoming payments and select which payments to deposit into which account. The "Payments" tab allows you to view a list of sent payments.

  21. Can I use Popmoney® on my mobile device?

    If you are currently using Popmoney® through your iBank account, you will automatically be able to access Popmoney® through your mobile device using the Payments option on the main menu. Your current contacts will appear.

  22. Can I add new contacts to Popmoney® using my mobile device?

    Yes, you can simply use the “add new contact” feature to set up new persons to pay.

  23. Is there a fee to use Popmoney®?

    Varies based on amount and delivery options, standard data & message charges from your carrier may apply.

  24. Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

    ESSA’s mobile check deposit is free to use.

  25. How do I enroll in Mobile Deposit?

    Mobile check deposit is available through the ESSA App. You must be enrolled in iBank, install the ESSA App on your device, and have an eligible ESSA checking account.

  26. What do I do with the check(s) after I submit a Mobile Deposit?

    We recommend that you retain the check for 14 days after the funds have posted to your account. You should then properly destroy the item(s).

  27. Is there a dollar amount limit for Mobile Deposit?

    Both the daily and per item limit for mobile deposit is $1,500.00.

  28. Does the check have to be endorsed for Mobile Deposit?

    Yes, checks must be endorsed with your signature and the words “For Bank Mobile Deposit Only”.

  29. When will my Mobile Deposit appear in my account?

    If your mobile deposit is received on a business day before our 6:30 PM ET cut-off time, your funds will normally be available the next business day. If we receive your mobile deposit after our cut-off time, your funds will normally be available in two business days.