We made it easy to deposit checks without having to rush to a branch! With Mobile Deposit, it is as easy as taking a ‘selfie’ only this time, it’s of your check.


  • View up to 30 days of mobile deposit history
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Skip a trip to the bank
  • Must be enrolled in iBank and have the ESSA iMobile App downloaded to use
  • Download the ESSA Mobile App for free
Accepted deposits made before 6:30pm ET Mon-Fri will appear in your account the next business day. Accepted deposits made after 6:30pm ET Mon-Fri or anytime on Sat or Sun. will appear in your account two business days later. Daily limit of $1,500. Mobile Deposits are subject to review prior to acceptance. Please retain your check for 14 days after posting. After that, we recommend that you shred or otherwise destroy the check.